Hi, I am looking fora big old style large screen TV . Prefer a dead one as I want to use the lenses and other parts for a alt energy experiment. All other parts will be responsibly recycled. I am a past Freecycler, new account now that Facebook finds Freecycle website vulnerable. I have a truck and trailer to pick up the TV. If you have one like this stuck in a spare room or the garage because ...
My daughter has scoliosis and is in need of a firm, supportive mattress and boxspring. Her bed is 10 years old and the springs are shot.
My winter comforter was stolen from the laundry room of our apartment complex. As were numerous towels, sheets and blankets.I now do my laundry elsewhere but cannot afford to replace all that was taken. Appreciative for any bedding, towels/washcloths. Thank you.
Single mother looking for a simple table with 4 chairs. All that is needed to complete our new apartment. Thank you. Kim
The veterans non-profit Rocking J Reawakenings is looking to improve the safety of our facility by building stairs and porches onto our buildings. We can pick up if needed. Call or text me at 505-577-2356 if you have any questions
I am looking for sponsors for our center for Christmas. YDI Kirtland Headstart. We would appreciate 40 new or gently used books for Christmas presents. Thank you
Hi, i am looking for "chicken" wire and not using it. i could fix my chicken pen. please call or text me at 5057107109. my name is Vangie, thank you!
We need tents, tarps, ponchos, backpacks, Blankets or cloth to make blankets, socks all sizes, flashlights, coats, reusable water bottles, sleeping bags, bras and underwear all sizes men's and women's, sweatpants, long sleeve shirts, beanies, gloves, shoes, and plastic shower curtains to make tarps, and towels. Please let me know what you can spare.
Hi~ Looking for couches and beds in decent condition for our apartment, clean please no bugs or smoke Thank you so much Kat
Looking for classic K nex pieces to help a child going through some trauma that uses these as a coping mechanism for the time being. I have a few of the older classic pieces (larger than the newer sets), but I d like to be able to give him more to build with. Thank you in advance
My Cub Scout is about to move up to Boy Scouts and we are about to go camping a lot more! Looking for basic camping equipment, particularly: -A family size tent as well as a smaller (2 person) tent for my scout. -Lantern We have sleeping bags.
Hello, I'm looking for clothes for my big 2 year old, sizes 2 T to sometimes 4. Single mom who recently started working again, trying to get caught up on bills and put off clothes shopping, all the sudden it's sweater weather. He only has a couple outfits that fit from last year, so just wanted to send out a request. Also if you had any toys you are looking to get rid of, he and I would be supe...
Looking for an old baby crib for a friend for a project would be very much appreciated
I am looking for Empty 1 - Liter Bottles for a Girl Scout event called Silver Science. We will be using the bottles to create cartesian divers and teach the girls about buoyancy! Please see the link below for more details! Thank you for your support! https://www.stevespanglerscience.com/store/glow-in-the-dark-squidy-cartesian-diver.html
I am looking for Empty Pringles Cans for a Girl Scout event called Silver Science. We will be using the cans to create a hot dog cooker for our snack activity! Thank you for your support!
I am looking for (UNUSED) Green Starbucks Straws for a Girl Scout event called Silver Science. We will be using the straws to create Squeeze Bottle Rockets and teacher the girls about Newton's First and Third Laws of Motion. Here is a link to more information: https://www.stevespanglerscience.com/lab/experiments/squeeze-bottle-rocket/ Thank you for your support!
I am in need of moving boxes. Rio Rancho or Albuquerque NORTH of Paseo del Norte and WEST of the river please. Could also use a refrigerator box and mirror boxes. Thank you!
Starting over..in need of everything...anything is appreciated..thank you so much
Looking for some Lexmark type 1 color ink cartridges. They are for an old Lexmark printer working off an old Windows XP computer. If you have one or two to give away I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you for your consideration.
Looking for daybed or trundle bed. Just the frame is fine. Will repaint if needed.
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